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Professional Human Transcription with 99% Accuracy

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100% professional human-generated transcription.

Adobe professional software for quick caption embedding for videos

Storage of Audios/Videos/Captions in a highly secured repository and deleted in a weeks’ time on completion

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Professional Captioning Services

Open captioning service

Closed Captions

Open captioning service

Open Captions

Subtitling service


Audio transcription services

Audio Transcription

video transcription services

Video Transcription

Tailored solutions to meet your industry needs

Education industry for captioning, subtitling, and transcribing services.

Market Research

Give your research team the tools they need to conduct qualitative research interviews and obtain valuable information quickly and efficiently. With precise human-generated transcripts, we reduce the workload of market researchers and free them up to concentrate on their prime duties.

Media & Entertainment industry for captioning, subtitling, and transcribing services


Hundreds of clients throughout the world have found our legal transcription services for hearings, depositions, pleadings, or law office documents to be accurate, secure, and quick. We can offer a reliable solution that will enable you to streamline proceedings.

Government industry for captioning, subtitling, and transcribing services


Students can benefit from captions and transcripts that contribute to a more inclusive learning environment. CaptioningHub frees up time for researchers, instructors, and students by transcribing everything from research notes and dissertation materials to conferences and classroom recordings.

captioning, subtitling, and transcribing services for Market Research Industry.

Media & Entertainment

CaptioningHub provides a comprehensive range of media accessibility solutions that are both quality compliant and cost-effective, with a variety of turnaround choices. Our clientele list includes high-profile media groups and broadcast and entertainment networks.

Captioning, subtitling, and transcribing services for Legal industry


We transcribe official documents and events for many government speeches. Federal, State, Local, Provincial, and Territorial authorities use our industry-leading transcription services, with an emphasis on speeches, hearings, and media briefings.

Our Story

About us

CaptioningHub is a professional audio and video transcription service provider based in North Brunswick, NJ. Our team includes approximately 40 skilled captioners, proofreaders, and customer service representatives with a minimum of 7 years of expertise.

All employees are well trained and certified. We continuously assess the quality of our captioning services to achieve best-in-class results. We enable you to increase the value of your content, make your brand more accessible, and expand your audience.

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What Our Clients Say

I am impressed by the perfect accuracy of the conversion and the speed by which the transcription was done. Super-easy interface, easy to upload, and super-rated results.

Sandra. J

Danvers, MA, USA

Getting your content transcribed with CaptioningHub is an absolute must if you want to drive more leads to your website. It is worth every penny!

Jacqui K

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I saw the results, and was hooked. They are better than other transcription services I have tried. CaptioningHub is really AWESOME and extremely near accurate.

Adam. J

Ray Li Associates

My subtitling work flow is so fast now. Even if it was the first time, it really worked. So glad! I found you.

Jones Eric

New York, NY, USA

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