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CaptioningHub make it possible for you to boost the value of your content, make
your brand more accessible, and broaden your audience.



CaptioningHub is a professional audio and video transcription service provider based in North Brunswick, NJ. Our team includes approximately 40 skilled captioners, proofreaders, and customer service representatives with a minimum of 7 years of expertise.

All employees are well trained and certified. We continuously assess the quality of our captioning services to achieve best-in-class results. We enable you to increase the value of your content, make your brand more accessible, and expand your audience.

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What makes us Unique

100% human-powered transcriptions, perfectly precise.

Fast and affordable, without compromising quality.


Tailored transcription for your industry's unique needs.

Convenient interactive editor for annotating and sharing captions.

Quick caption embedding using Adobe professional software.

Keep your media files safe and sound, and disappear without a trace.

Our Mission

Providing unbeatable quality, accuracy, and precision. Our network of experts is specially trained for each client.


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Open captioning service

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