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Transcription and Captioning for   In-Depth Government Industry Analysis

With 144 million minutes of the content accurately transcribed,                   we were able to satisfy over 97.5% of our clients


Make council meetings of municipalities accessible to hard-of-hearing people

CaptioningHub is trusted to provide captions for today’s board meetings, local council sessions, and state legislature procedures. Local government entities and municipalities rely on us to provide accurate captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions for any film or event.
Government industry for captioning, subtitling, and transcribing services

Transcription & Captioning for Government Industry


Enhance access to live events, city council meetings, advertising campaigns, and press briefings with our services. Our human transcribers are specifically trained for political terminology.

What we Transcribe for Government ?

Our transcribers provide high-quality service, revising and checking your captions. We assure 99% accuracy and compliance with accessibility standards. Hence, we’re the go-to provider for federal, state, and local government transcription needs. Our team has extensive experience working with firms at every level of government, making us the ideal partner for all of your transcription needs. We provide a full variety of services, including dictation transcription, interviews, meetings, legal services, and depositions.

Why Choose our Government Services?



Leading source of high-quality transcripts designed exclusively
to political conversations and debates.

Largest and most competent network of transcribers in several

Get the best captions at the most affordable prices.

Accurate subtitles that are well understood by deaf and hard-
of-hearing individuals.

Cost-effective way to allow hearing-impaired persons to stay
participate in municipal decision-making.

Make Government websites and apps accessible to everyone,
including individuals with disabilities.


Recognize the delicate nature of your work and the significance
of complete confidentiality.

As many government clients speak many languages, we specialize in multi-language translations.

Whether it's official paperwork, interviews, or meetings, our
professional can handle any job with accuracy and precision.


What Our Clients Say

I am impressed by the perfect accuracy of the conversion and the speed by which the transcription was done. Super-easy interface, easy to upload, and super-rated results.

Sandra. J

Danvers, MA, USA

Getting your content transcribed with CaptioningHub is an absolute must if you want to drive more leads to your website. It is worth every penny!

Jacqui K

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I saw the results, and was hooked. They are better than other transcription services I have tried. CaptioningHub is really AWESOME and extremely near accurate.

Adam. J

Ray Li Associates

My subtitling work flow is so fast now. Even if it was the first time, it really worked. So glad! I found you.

Jones Eric

New York, NY, USA

We will do the heavy lifting so that your government may
concentrate on the crucial task of governing

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