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Closed Captioning Services

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Captioning Overcomes Audio Barriers


It doesn’t matter why you’re having trouble understanding the audio in a video, the captions are there to help. So if you can’t turn up the volume, have hearing problems, or can’t understand the accent, open captions or closed captions will come in handy!

Closed captioning service
Closed Captioning Services

Closed captions are available for the user’s convenience and for a better understanding of your video. The main distinction between closed captions and open captions is the viewer’s ability to switch them on and off as desired.

Closed Captioning Service

As the internet connects your film to the entire globe, closed captioning becomes more and more essential. Those who are deaf or have hearing difficulties frequently utilize them for accessibility reasons since they enable viewers to read what is being spoken on screen.

Closed captioning service

Closed Captioning Services

How can our Closed Captioning service benefit you?

Allows a customized way of watching videos

Now anyone should be able to watch with the sound turned off and still get the full experience on screen

Describes every audio element that has a vital role in the wider story, not only spoken words

Captions in compliance with legal requirements

Makes your video more searchable.

Closed captions are better for everybody and they increase ROI and audience numbers

Supports users in addition to the main piece of content

Consuming core content via audio is challenging, and hence our captions aid in communicating information in an alternative, textual way

Offers flexible viewing in sound-sensitive environments

Boost up SEO and video views

Larger social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, always allow you to add closed captions.

Our captioning expert team is ready to assist you with best closed captioning service for all your needs 


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Tailored Closed Captioning Services To Meet Your Industry Needs

We also captions dissertations, legal documents, medical reports, and much more.

CaptioningHub offers personalized packages supported by specialists, as well as an established, secure transcribing procedure that can propel your business. Avoid the inevitable delays and inaccuracies that come with self-transcription. To assure the greatest level of quality in all academic transcriptions, our patented review procedure includes numerous stages of evaluation.

Some of our most typical educational use cases include audio and video files pertaining to:

• Meetings with many speakers and focus groups
• Lecture and seminar recordings
• Professor dictation
• Research interviews
• Thesis and dissertation ideas

CaptioningHub fulfills higher standards for accuracy while offering media creators effective workflows and cost savings. We assist you in localizing your content so you may reach visitors anywhere. Working in the media sector entails dealing with enormous amounts of content. We transcribe the following media files into text:

CaptioningHub provides market research businesses with transcribing services that have industry-leading turnaround times and accuracy rates of up to 99%. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of technological solutions, including captioning, transcription, translation, and audio description, to assist leaders from various sectors in increasing their productivity and accessibility.
Built for transcribing research data from

CaptioningHub provides several benefits to law companies, legal experts, and the legal system as a whole. Accurate and dependable transcription of legal audio and video recordings enhances efficiency in legal documentation and boosts the management of legal records. This also makes legal information more accessible. Improve productivity, organization, and accessibility by precisely transcribing your audio or video records. Take control of your legal documents right now.

Some of our most typical use cases are as follows:

Accurate Services In Multiple Languages

"Say goodbye to language barriers. We help you reach a global audience with our accurate and reliable transcription services in multiple languages."

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What Our Clients Say

I am impressed by the perfect accuracy of the conversion and the speed by which the transcription was done. Super-easy interface, easy to upload, and super-rated results.

Sandra. J

Danvers, MA, USA

Getting your content transcribed with CaptioningHub is an absolute must if you want to drive more leads to your website. It is worth every penny!

Jacqui K

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I saw the results, and was hooked. They are better than other transcription services I have tried. CaptioningHub is really AWESOME and extremely near accurate.

Adam. J

Ray Li Associates

My subtitling work flow is so fast now. Even if it was the first time, it really worked. So glad! I found you.

Jones Eric

New York, NY, USA

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