While choosing a transcription service it is pivotal to examine the type of transcription. Transcription can be verbatim or non-verbatim. Transcription services are used by many businesses to convert audio information into written documents. Some examples include health care institutions with physicians who dictate patient records, legal companies that take
depositions, and law enforcement organizations that interview suspects.

Verbatim Transcription

Every single word uttered is captured in verbatim transcription. It will be a more accurate reflection of what was said and a more accurate picture of how people actually speak. When verbatim transcripts are required, the transcriptionist transcribes everything heard on the tape.

Clients who want verbatim transcription often include legal firms, law enforcement agencies, and journalism organizations where precise facts are crucial. These can include an interview, a deposition, witness testimony, and other activities. While verbatim transcription is accurate, the end product might be difficult to read.

To catch every single sentence and sound heard on the audio, verbatim transcription takes a significant amount of time and work. University and academic research, as well as broad corporate audiences, are examples of industries that do not need precise information and frequently seek cleaned up verbatim transcripts.

Non-verbatim transcription, often known as “cleaned up” or a “clean copy,” removes any extraneous speech from a transcript to make it more legible without affecting the meaning or structure.

All unnecessary speech will be eliminated from a non-verbatim transcript. This has no effect on the meaning or structure of the dialogue. All extraneous speech is deleted in clean verbatim transcription without affecting the meaning or structure of the dialogue in the transcript.

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