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Make your videos more understandable and reachable to a wider audience

CaptioningHub has demonstrated years of experience in the media sector by transcribing audios and films using services such as captioning, subtitling, and direct translation.

Media & Entertainment industry for captioning, subtitling, and transcribing services

Transcribing audio or video products may be incredibly valuable for media makers who care about the visibility and accessibility of their creations. Many people watch videos without sound. Most individuals prefer to do so, but for those who cannot due to an auditory problem, they need captions, subtitles, and direct translations.

What we Transcribe for Media & Entertainment ?

Documentaries, films, podcasts, television shows, reality shows, news, talk shows, radio broadcasts, interviews, video filmed events, raw footage, and other media are all transcribed into text.

Time is money in the media sector, and production and media companies cannot afford to spend several hours transcribing film or television content. This is where our transcription services come in to help you out.

Reasons Why Companies Choose Us?


Increased number of views for your content.

Reduce editing and production time

Audio description for the visually impaired

One-stop-shop - One platform for all of your localization and accessibility requirements

Captions in the same language as per the standards, as with the most popular video platforms, or custom guidelines

SDH Captions that capture sounds and customize subtitle alignment and
colors for speakers

TAT choices that are flexible and client-centered, allowing you to meet deadlines.

Seamless interaction with popular technologies such as Avid and Adobe Premiere, as well as support for all common file formats like EBU-STL, VTT, SRT, and so on.

Content classification to make your archive more accessible

Subtitle modification or customization available for the majority of popular video platforms


What Our Clients Say

I am impressed by the perfect accuracy of the conversion and the speed by which the transcription was done. Super-easy interface, easy to upload, and super-rated results.

Sandra. J

Danvers, MA, USA

Getting your content transcribed with CaptioningHub is an absolute must if you want to drive more leads to your website. It is worth every penny!

Jacqui K

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I saw the results, and was hooked. They are better than other transcription services I have tried. CaptioningHub is really AWESOME and extremely near accurate.

Adam. J

Ray Li Associates

My subtitling work flow is so fast now. Even if it was the first time, it really worked. So glad! I found you.

Jones Eric

New York, NY, USA

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